International conference of the research project

Text and Image in the Romanian Painting of the 16th Century

Bucharest, 10-12 October 2013 

Coordinator: Dr. hab. Constantin I. Ciobanu
Venue: G. Oprescu Institute, 196 Calea Vctoriei
Conference languages: English, French

Day one 

Opening session

Acad. RĂZVAN THEODORESCU (President of Arts, Architecture and Audio-Visual Section of the Romanian Academy): 
Opening speech

ADRIAN-SILVAN IONESCU (Director of G. Oprescu Institute of Art History):
Welcome speech on behalf of the host institution

CONSTANTIN I. CIOBANU (Project director, G. Oprescu Institute of Art History): 
About the project "Text and Image in the Romanian painting of the 16th century"

TEREZA IRENE SINIGALIA (George Enescu University of Arts, Iaşi):
Murals in the chancel and the nave of the Church in Arbore - Iconographic peculiarities 

EMMANUEL MOUTAFOV (Institute of Art Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia): 
Some Aspects of the Development of the Christian Orthodox Art in the 16th and 17th Centuries: the Testimony of Church Inscriptions and Artist's Signatures

Session 1

MARINA ILEANA SABADOS (G. Oprescu Institute of Art History):
A painted panagiarion and its inscriptions

MIROSŁAW PIOTR KRUK (Departament of the Orthodox Art, National Museum in Krakow):
Is the so called "Anothen hoi profettai", described in Dionysius’s Hermeneia, the source of the iconography of the Mother of God surrounded by prophets?

IOANA IANCOVESCU (G. Oprescu Institute of Art History):
Restitutio imaginis.
Les inscriptions des prophètes de Tismana

CONSTANŢA COSTEA (G. Oprescu Institute of Art History):
Text and Image in 16th century Moldavian Painting: Brief Survey of Cases

RUXANDRA LAMBRU (University of Bucharest / University of Veliko Tarnovo):
(Con)text and Sources: Observations on two «Hodegetria» icons from

Day two

Session 2

ECATERINA CINCHEZA-BUCULEI (G. Oprescu Institute of Art History):
Suceviţa – L’iconographie du Premier Synode Oecuménique

NAZAR KOZAK (Art Studies Department at the Ethnology Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Lviv): 
The unusual “Flight into Egypt ”: on the sources of the rare iconographic type of the Οίκος Λ (11th strophe) in the Post-Byzantine Akathistos cycles in Moldavia and Galicia

VLAD BEDROS (G. Oprescu Institute of Art History):
The Concelebration of Saintly Bishops in the Apse of Suceviţa Monastery

CONSTANTIN I. CIOBANU (G. Oprescu Institute of Art History):
Cinq exemples d'inscriptions spéculaires cyrilliques dans la peinture médiévale roumaine

Day three 

Cultural program 

Photo gallery

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