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Conferences, symposiums, colloquia


During 2021, the events of the Institute of Art History will be organized in conformity with the regulations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

RESEARCHES ON ROMANIAN MEDIEVAL AND PREMODERN ART, 17th ed., G. Oprescu Institute of Art History & The National Museum of Art of Romania, Bucharest, 6–7 mai 2021

BOOK LAUNCHDicționarul pictorilor din România and 70 de ani de la fondarea Institutului de Istoria Artei ,,G. Oprescu" (see below) the Library of the Romanian Academy, 17 May 2021 

BOOK LAUNCH: In honorem Răzvan Theodorescuthe Library of the Romanian Academy, 19 May 2021 

THE BALL: ELEGANCE, ETIQUETTE, STYLE, online conference delivered by Adrian-Silvan Ionescu, organiser: University of Bucharest, 26 May 2021

BOOK LAUNCHBaluri în România modernă, 1790-1920 by Adrian-Silvan IONESCU; venue: Jockey Club, Bucharest, 3 June 2021 

G. Oprescu Institute of Art History

New book releases

Dicționarul pictorilor din România. Secolul al XIX-lea, coordination and foreword by Adrian Silvan-Ionescu, Institutul de Istoria Artei „G. Oprescu”, București: Oscar Print, 2020.


70 ani de la fondarea Institutului de Istoria Artei „G. Oprescu”, editors: Adrian-Silvan Ionescu, Virginia Barbu and Ioana Apostol, București: Editura Academiei Române, 2020


 Other news 

The volume of the 13th International Conference of Arts Researchers, with the theme "Arts and Modernity" (organised online in 2020 by the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University), was issued recently. The publication appears for the first time in a bilingual Georgian-English edition, and its new title is: International Journal of Arts and Media Researchers [1 (11), 2021, Tbilisi: Kentavri, ISSN 2667-9914]. 

Researcher Marian Țuțui, participant in the 2020 edition, is present in this volume with the study Four Early Contributions of Romanian Filmmakers to Modernity (pp.159-167).


On July 5 2021, researcher Marian Țuțui (Institute of Art History) presented the paper Sworn Virgins and Girls Raised as Boys in Balkan Cinema at the 14th International Conference of Arts Researchers (Tbilisi). The theme of the edition was “Women and Arts”. The event was organized online by the “Shota Rustaveli” Theater and Film Georgia State University, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of Georgia, the Tbilisi State Academy of Art and the Tbilisi State Conservatoire.
Programme of the conference

On July 2, researcher Marian Țuțui (Institute of Art History) took part in the international architecture workshop Wave 2021 “Islands. Architecture and Landscapes of Water”. He presented the paper Ada Kaleh: A Cinematic Landscape for Filmmakers. The event was organized by UNISCAPE and Università IUAV di Venezia, with the participation of the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest and the Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research in Venice.

Under the auspices of the Prahova County Council and the Center for Intelligence and Applied Geopolitics Studies, the first edition of the conference Iorga, after Iorga took place from 28-30 May 2021, at the “Nicolae Iorga” Memorial Museum in Vălenii de Munte. Researcher Andrei Țârlescu (Institute of Art History) presented the paper Nicolae Iorga, founder of the Romanian Institute of Byzantinology. He has also served as moderator of the conference.
Programme (available only in Romanian)

The 23rd edition of the annual international scientific conference organized in Chișinău by the Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Moldova took place online on May 27 and 28. The theme of the edition was "Cultural Heritage: Research, Valorization, Promotion". Researcher Marian Țuțui from G. Oprescu Institute took part in Section IV (Audiovisual Arts) with the paper Divan Film Festival or The story of a great small festival of cinematographic and culinary arts in the Balkans.
Programme of the conference

The 2nd International Conference on Byzantine Studies and Eastern Middle Ages organized by the Laboratório de Estudos Medievais (LEME) and the Laboratório de Estudos Mediterrânicos e Bizantinos of the University of São Paulo, Brazil, took place online on March 23, 24 and 25. Researcher Elisabeta Negrău from G. Oprescu Institute presented the paper Between Private and Public Devotion: The Pieta Icon in Post-Byzantine art.
Conference recording

Wednesday meetings

Beginning with September 2011, the G. Oprescu Institute hosts monthly meetings where researchers share with their colleagues various novelties in the field of fine arts, theatre, music or film history.  


IAH kinema

The project "IAH kinema" started in February 2017. Films of documentary and artistic value, less known to the Romanian public, will be projected occasionally for researchers interested in the history of cinema.   
Venue: G. Oprescu Institute of Art History, 196 Calea Victoriei. 


Romanian Academy Awards and honorary degrees

The ‟George Oprescuˮ Prize of the Romanian Academy for the year 2016, in the field of art history, went ex aequo to the books Goticul în Transilvania. Pictura (c. 1300-1500) by Dana Jenei and Medieval Wall Paintings in Transylvanian Orthodox Churches: Iconographic Subjects in Historical Context by Elena Dana Prioteasa. The award ceremony took place on 13 December 2018.

Goticul în Transilvania. Pictura (c. 1300-1500) with a foreword by acad. Răzvan Theodorescu and summaries in English and German (București: Oscar Print, 2016, 240 p., 153 ill.), is an updated version of the author’s doctoral thesis.
Since 2013, dr. Dana Jenei is researcher at G. Oprescu Institute of Art History, Department for Medieval Art and Architecture.

The 2015 "George Oprescu" Prize of the Romanian Academy was awarded ex aequo to Ioana Vlasiu, Ioan Şulea, Cora Fodor for their book Ion Vlasiu, and to Rodica Vârtaciu Medeleţ for Valori de artă barocă în Banat. The ceremony took place on 15 December 2017 in the Aula Magna of the Romanian Academy. 
The monograph album Ion Vlasiu gives an ample insight into the work and life of an outstanding Romanian artist. 
Dr. Ioana Vlasiu, daughter of the artist and a renowned art historian, was a member of G. Oprescu Institute for more than forty years. 

In recognition of his achievements, Adrian-Silvan Ionescu, director of G. Oprescu Institute, was awarded the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa by the Academy of Music, Theatre and Arts in Chisinau. 

The ceremony took place on 4 November 2016. November 2016. 

Suzana Móré Heitel (1947-2008) was posthumously awarded the 2010 "George Oprescu" Prize of the Romanian Academy for her book Începuturile artei medievale în bazinul inferior al Mureşului. The awards ceremony took place on 13 December 2012.
During the last 18 years of her life, Suzana Heitel was a researcher at the Institute of Art History - the Department for Medieval Art and Architecture.

The 2009 "George Oprescu" Prize of the Romanian Academy went to Ioana Iancovescu (Institute of Art History) and Corina Popa (National University of Arts Bucharest) for their monograph Mănăstirea HureziThe awards ceremony was held on 15 December 2011. 

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