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Conferences, symposiums, colloquia


MUYBRIDGE AND MOVEMENT, Hans Christian Adam conference, Library of the Romanian Academy, 26 February 

MIHNEA GHEORGHIU: THE CENTENNIAL SYMPOSIUM, Aula Magna of the Romanian Academy, 7 May 

ROMANIA IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS OF E.O. HOPPÉ – conference and exhibition at the Library of the Romanian Academy, 21 May ; book launching at Jockey Club, 22 May 

ROMANIAN THEATRE – 30 YEARS OF FREEDOM, symposium at the Library of the Romanian Academy, 15 October 

RESEARCHES ON ROMANIAN MEDIEVAL AND PREMODERN ART, 16th ed., The National Museum of Art of Romania, December 2019

G. Oprescu Institute of Art History

New book releases

Portretul unei ţări. România Mare în fotografiile lui E.O. Hoppé, Institutul de Istoria Artei al Academiei Române, Bucureşti: Oscar Print, 2019, 120 p.


E.O. Hoppé – Romania (album), Curatorial Assistance, Pasadena, 2019, 140 p.


The New Romanian Cinema, edited by Christina Stojanova, Edinburgh University Press, 2019, 334 p. with 36 b&w ill.


Repertoriul expozițiilor de artă românească din București, 1865-1918, Institutul de Istoria Artei, București: Vremea, 2019, 208 p.


 Other news 

Dr. Marian Țuțui (G. Oprescu Institute of Art History) participated on 6 June at the round table A Brief History of Chinese-Romanian Film Communication, together with Assistant Professor Wang Yao from the Beijing Film Academy, prof. Dana Duma from the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L. Caragiale” and drd. Mihai Fulger, editor-in-chief of the National Film Archive. The event took place in Cluj, within the 18th edition of TIFF (Transilvania International Film Festival).

The Association “Memory and Hope”, in collaboration with UNITER, organised on 5 June 2019 the memorial event Jean Cazaban or Tenderness and Irony, at the National Theater in Bucharest (Media Room). Member for more than 35 years of the Institute of Art History, outstanding theatre historian and critic, author of several volumes and articles, Jean Cazaban (1935-2018) – who signed his works Ion Cazaban – was evoked by people from the world of theatre who knew him closely. Daniela Gheorghe spoke on behalf of the Institute of Art History.

Ion-Andrei Ţârlescu (researcher at G. Oprescu Institute of Art History) participated on 13 May 2019 at the Conference "The Role of School Libraries / CDIs in the Education of a Creative and Innovative Generation and at the professional meeting "Heritage Collections in Libraries in Romania". The events were organized by the "Carol I" Central University Library and the Romanian Library Association.
The papers highlighted the cultural values preserved in the most prestigious Romanian libraries – the Library of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest and the Bathyaneum Library in Cluj-Napoca – as well as the role that cataloguers and conservation specialists play in their transmission to future generations. Andrei Ţârlescu presented the paper Manuscripts cataloguing: new approaches in codicology.

The Index of Medieval Art (Princeton University) hosted between 5 and 6 April the symposium Eclecticism at the Edges: Medieval Art and Architecture at the Crossroads of the Latin, Greek, and Slavic Cultural Spheres ((c.1300-c.1550). In response to the global turn in art history and medieval studies, “Eclecticism at the Edges” aimed to challenge the ways in which we think about the artistic production of Eastern Europe from the fourteenth through the sixteenth centuries. This event has served as a platform to examine, discuss, and focus on the eclectic visual cultures of the Balkan Peninsula and the Carpathian Mountains, the specificities, but also the shared cultural heritage of these regions.
Participant at the symposium, dr. Vlad Bedros, lecturer at the National University of Arts and researcher with G. Oprescu Institute of Art History, presented a paper on A Hybrid Iconography: The Lamb of God in Moldavian Wall-Paintings.

Two new editions of the international conferences organized annually by the Institute of Art Studies in Sofia took place in April. The conference Art Readings – Old Art Module, which promotes the research of medieval and pre-modern art, ran from 5 to 7 April 2019. The conference Art Readings – New Art Module, focusing on the history of theatre, film, music, as well as art and architecture in the modern era, took place between 8 and 10 April.

Dr. Constantin Ciobanu and dr. Marian Ţuţui (G. Oprescu Institute of Art History) have participated several times at the "Art Readings" in Sofia, and they were also present at the current editions. This year, medievalist Constantin Ciobanu delivered a paper on Le recueil de modèles de Radu Zugravu et les peintures murales des églises princière et épiscopale de Curtea de Argeș, while film historian Marian Ţuțui spoke about A well-adapted genre: melodrama in the Balkans.

Art Readings – Old Art Module, 2019

Art Readings – New Art Module, 2019

On April 3, 2019, Dr. Eduard Andrei, researcher with the G. Oprescu Institute of Art History and lecturer at Ovidius University of Constanța, participated to the international conference Cultural Identity, Geography of Encounter & the Politics of Space/Time. A Reflection on the Tyler Collection of Romanian and Modern Art, at Columbia University, in New York. The event was organized by The Harriman Institute / East-Central European Center, and by the N. Iorga Chair for Romanian Language and Culture at Columbia University, at the most prestigious venue on campus, the Low Library. Dr. Andrei presented the paper Post-Byzantine Travels in Space and Time: The Icon's Gold Leaf Defies 'The Golden Age'. Marin Gherasim & Corneliu Petrescu in the Tyler Collection.
The other keynote speakers at the event were Dr. Jeff Malpas, professor at the University of Tasmania (UTAS), one of the most authoritative voices in post-Heideggerian philosophy, and Ms. Rachael Rose, a visual artist and curator of the Tyler Collection of Romanian and Contemporary Art at UTAS.
The event and the guest speakers were introduced to the audience by Dr. Christopher Caes, Acting Director of the East-Central European Center at Columbia University, and by Dr. Mona Momescu, N. Iorga Chair for Romanian Language and Culture.
The event was attended by a numerous public, which included students and academics from Columbia, as well as from other universities in New York City, members of the diplomatic corps (both Romanian and American) and art curators. Mrs. Frances Tyler, donor and patron of the Tyler Collection, also attended the conference.
A number of representative Romanian original works from the Tyler Collection were presented to the public in an ad-hoc exhibit.  

Photo gallery

On 26 February 2019, researcher Cristina Cojocaru delivered at the Institute for South-East European Studies of the Romanian Academy the conference Itinerant Painters in 18th-Century Wallachia. The event is part of the series of semimonthly conferences organized by the institution.

Wednesday meetings

Beginning with September 2011, the G. Oprescu Institute hosts monthly meetings where researchers share with their colleagues various novelties in the field of fine arts, theatre, music or film history.  


IAH kinema

The project "IAH kinema" started in February 2017. Films of documentary and artistic value, less known to the Romanian public, will be projected occasionally for researchers interested in the history of cinema.   
Venue: G. Oprescu Institute of Art History, 196 Calea Victoriei. 


Romanian Academy Awards and honorary degrees

The ‟George Oprescuˮ Prize of the Romanian Academy for the year 2016, in the field of art history, went ex aequo to the books Goticul în Transilvania. Pictura (c. 1300-1500) by Dana Jenei and Medieval Wall Paintings in Transylvanian Orthodox Churches: Iconographic Subjects in Historical Context by Elena Dana Prioteasa. The award ceremony took place on 13 December 2018.

Goticul în Transilvania. Pictura (c. 1300-1500) with a foreword by acad. Răzvan Theodorescu and summaries in English and German (București: Oscar Print, 2016, 240 p., 153 ill.), is an updated version of the author’s doctoral thesis.
Since 2013, dr. Dana Jenei is researcher at G. Oprescu Institute of Art History, Department for Medieval Art and Architecture.

The 2015 "George Oprescu" Prize of the Romanian Academy was awarded ex aequo to Ioana Vlasiu, Ioan Şulea, Cora Fodor for their book Ion Vlasiu, and to Rodica Vârtaciu Medeleţ for Valori de artă barocă în Banat. The ceremony took place on 15 December 2017 in the Aula Magna of the Romanian Academy. 
The monograph album Ion Vlasiu gives an ample insight into the work and life of an outstanding Romanian artist. 
Dr. Ioana Vlasiu, daughter of the artist and a renowned art historian, was a member of G. Oprescu Institute for more than forty years. 

In recognition of his achievements, Adrian-Silvan Ionescu, director of G. Oprescu Institute, was awarded the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa by the Academy of Music, Theatre and Arts in Chisinau. 

The ceremony took place on 4 November 2016. November 2016. 

Suzana Móré Heitel (1947-2008) was posthumously awarded the 2010 "George Oprescu" Prize of the Romanian Academy for her book Începuturile artei medievale în bazinul inferior al Mureşului. The awards ceremony took place on 13 December 2012.
During the last 18 years of her life, Suzana Heitel was a researcher at the Institute of Art History - the Department for Medieval Art and Architecture.

The 2009 "George Oprescu" Prize of the Romanian Academy went to Ioana Iancovescu (Institute of Art History) and Corina Popa (National University of Arts Bucharest) for their monograph Mănăstirea HureziThe awards ceremony was held on 15 December 2011. 

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