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 Wednesday meetings 



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25 January, 11 a.m.
Alin Ciupală: Romanian women in World War I: a visual history

22 February, 12.00 a.m.
Manuela Cernat: 200 years from the first pre-cinema show, 120 years from the first Romanian motion pictures, 100 years of military cinema in Romania 

28 June, 11 a.m.
Ramona Caramelea: The architecture of teacher colleges in Romania around 1900

31 May
Marian Lupașcu: Folklore music between the medieval chant and modern versions

19 July, 11 a.m. 
Constantin Ciobanu: Research methods in art history

27 September  
Ruxanda Beldiman, Dr. Pandelescu’s house, 45 Nicolae Filipescu Street (formerly Scaune Street): a  project of the French architect de St. Omer 

25 October
Lucian Sinigaglia: The fate of writer Ion D. Sârbu  

29 November
Isabella Drăghici: Theatre and anthropology  
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