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Conferences, symposiums, colloquia, book launches


Romanian Photography. Local perspectives and European trends, 2nd edition; international conference, National Library of Romania & G. Oprescu Institute of Art History

Conference Ozana Alexandrescu: Authors and scribes of Byzantine tradition music in manuscripts found in Romania, Romanian Academy, 27 March 2024   

Conference Adrian-Silvan Ionescu: Roaming the American West in search of heroes,  Jockey Club, Bucharest, 6 March 2024

Conference Daniela Gheorghe: Illustration and editorial policy in Romanian theatre magazines, Romanian Academy, 29 February 2024 



G. Oprescu Institute of Art History


New book releases

Klassiker des rumänischen Films, ed. by Dana Duma, Stephan Krause and Anke Pfeifer, Schüren Verlag, Marburg, 2024, 228 p.


Whose Is This Song? Balkan Nationalism, Greece and Shared Culture, ed. by Eleni Elefterias-Kostakidis, Hellenic Theorem Publishers, Sydney, 2024, 230 p. 


The Routledge Handbook of Byzantine Visual Culture in the Danube Regions, 1300–1600, ed. by Maria Alessia Rossi and Alice Isabella Sullivan, Routledge 2024, 422 p. + 96 color ill.


The Routledge Companion to Global Film Music in the Early Sound Era, editor: Jeremy Barham, Routledge, 2024, 808 p.


Other news

Due to the  partnership between G. Oprescu Institute of Art History and the National Institute of Heritage, several old issues of the journal Studii și cercetări de istoria artei, series Artă plastică and Teatru, Muzică, Cinematografie, were digitised and made available online. The journal issues are hosted on the "Digital Library of Cultural Publications" (link).

Cristian Păunescu, adviser to the NBR Governor, Adrian-Silvan Ionescu and Dorin Matei, president of Magazin Istoric Cultural Foundation

During a ceremony held at the National Bank of Romania (NBR) on 23 May, 2024, theMagazin Istoric Cultural Foundation presented its awards for the best volumes published in 2023. Among the laureates was Dr. Adrian-Silvan Ionescu, director of G. Oprescu Institute of Art History. The "Dinu C. Giurescu" award was offered to him for editing the book of memoirs of his father, Silvan D. Ionescu, Silvan on Silvan: Scattered Memories, published by Corint Publishing House.

Olivia Nițiș, a researcher from G. Oprescu Institute of Art History, is the curator of the exhibition A Spring of Hope, a Winter of Despair, hosted by Hala Faber in Timișoara between 11 and 30 May, 2024, and by Pragovka Gallery in Prague between 6 June and 29 August, 2024. The exhibition includes works by artists Kamila B. Richter & Michael Bielicky, Irina Botea, Vladimir Havlik, Jiří Kovanda, Gabriela Mateescu, Iulian Mereuță, Karel Miler, Delia Popa, Gheorghe Rasovszky, Marilena Preda Sânc, Decebal Scriba, Roxana Trestioreanu and Jiří Valoch, as well of screenings of films made by Eva Koťátkova and Iulia Stătică & Adrian Câtu. A Spring of Hope, a Winter of Despair is a project produced by Contrasens Cultural Association and co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.

Eduard Andrei and Alina Gherasim

The 2024 Tyler Visiting Fellowship has been awarded to Dr. Eduard Andrei, head of the the Department for Modern Art and Architecture – G. Oprescu Institute of Art History, and to artist Alina Gherasim. The Fellows will develop their project, The woman artist in the communist regime in Romania, represented in the Tyler Collection, and present a research-in-progress seminar and a public lecture at the conclusion of their project.
The Tyler Visiting Fellowship is a biannual scholarship for art historians and artists that funds research fellows within the Tyler Collection/University of Tasmania.
The Tyler Collection of Romanian and Modern Art comprises more than 1500 items - paintings, works on paper, sculptures, ceramics, religious icons, books, catalogues, posters, photographs, research essays and letters. In 2013, the Collection was gifted to the University of Tasmania by Geoffrey and Frances Tyler.

Wednesday meetings

Beginning with September 2011, the G. Oprescu Institute hosts monthly meetings where researchers share with their colleagues various novelties in the field of fine arts, theatre, music or film history.  


IAH kinema

The project "IAH kinema" started in February 2017. Films of documentary and artistic value, less known to the Romanian public, will be projected occasionally for researchers interested in the history of cinema.   
Venue: G. Oprescu Institute of Art History, 196 Calea Victoriei. 


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