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International conference

 Rhetorics of war in arts (1917-2017)

Bucharest, 5th-6h October 2017


The “G. Oprescu” Institute of Art History of the Romanian Academy is pleased to announce the International Conference Rethorics of War in  Arts (1917-2017) that will take place in the Aula Magna of the Romanian Academy from 5-6 October 2017.

The reference point of this conference is a dynamic and diverse set of radiographies of war images in art from modernism to the contemporary discourse. 

In WWI Romania – with an army fully reorganised on modern military principles under the watchful eye of the French Military Mission – takes part to the summer campaign of 1917 and wins over the Central Powers in the battles of Mărășești, Mărăști and Oituz. From August 27th, 1916 until November 27th, 1917 Romania has a belligerent status. 

Visual representations of WWI, both in and beyond Romania’s borders, create a complex iconography of a conflictual history. The visual propaganda has shaped social and political realities and influenced people’s personalities, the borderline between truth and fiction, heroism and trauma is often thin. 

Albeit focused on battlefield images from WWI this conference is not solely limited to WW1 but encompasses and is open to a research paradigm of rhetorics of war as integral part of the human civilization during the last hundred years. Therefore we welcome papers addressing a large thematic area like:

  • commissioning the war artist;
  • pro-war rhetoric and the propaganda image;
  • the cult of hero and the war as trauma;
  • ethnocentric appeals/ tools and criteria of war discrimination/ multiple-discrimination (intersectionality);
  • war and fashion;
  • war and migration.

The deadline for your proposals for this conference: 15th April 2017.
Presentations should last no more than 20 minutes. 

Official languages of the conference are Romanian and English. 

Please note that the organizers cannot cover the participants’ travel costs. 

Please send a brief abstract and a short narrative CV to: istartro@yahoo.com and to the conference coordinators:
Dr. OLIVIA NIȚIȘ:  nitis.olivia@gmail.com
Dr. ADRIAN-SILVAN IONESCU:  adriansilvan@hotmail.com

We are looking forward to see you in October 2017.

D I R E C T O R,
Dr. Adrian-Silvan Ionescu

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